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Finding Your Moxie

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If you’re the everyday modern woman, you feel it too – beat down and fed up! The ads, marketing, well-meaning people surrounding our daily lives promoting the message of MUSTS – you MUST have the perfect body, make lots of money, have a college degree, MUST, MUST, MUST!

Debra Fox’s Finding Your Moxie is a refreshing eye-opener for women trying to thrive in life but struggling to keep up with the myths, lies and half-truths surrounding success that women have to face head-on every day.

Success, happiness and fulfillment in life does not result from a checklist – it’s a result of moxie: courage, spirit, energy, know-how, confidence, fearlessness, gumption, and guts! If you have moxie, you won't let minor setbacks stop you, you won’t give up.

Debra’s book gives you a witty, straight-forward look at...your life! Debra has lived it all―and tells it all through her own life experience battling these myths with her inner moxie. She’s the coach in your corner that you’ve always wanted – and needed. Finding Your Moxie will help you bust through those myths by teaching you:

  • Why success does NOT come to those who wait
  • How to set or reset your life GPS
  • How to invest your time where you’re appreciated, not tolerated
  • How to have healthy conflict and resolution
  • How college and knowledge are not the same thing

Debra’s story will show step-by-step instructions on how to develop the moxie it takes to overcome the modern-day myths and stand up for yourself. This is real stuff – real life, really lived! So learn how to stop playing by everyone else's rules, and write your own success story!