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Finding Your Moxie

Debra’s book gives you a witty, straight-forward look at...your life! Debra has lived it all―and tells it all through her own life experience battling these myths with her inner moxie. She’s the coach in your corner that you’ve always wanted – and needed. Finding Your Moxie will help you bust through those myths by teaching you:

  • Why success does NOT come to those who wait
  • How to set or reset your life GPS
  • How to invest your time where you’re appreciated, not tolerated
  • How to have healthy conflict and resolution
  • How college and knowledge are not the same thing

Debra’s story will show step-by-step instructions on how to develop the moxie it takes to overcome the modern-day myths and stand up for yourself. This is real stuff – real life, really lived! So learn how to stop playing by everyone else's rules, and write your own success story!


How To Be A Better Communicator

Discover how to communicate effectively and confidently with the practical and proven techniques and skills that are essential for managers, supervisors, team leaders … anyone interested in heading for the top!


Assertive Communication Skills


Honest communication takes courage. This DVD is a fresh take on solving communication problems, from overcoming your own specific obstacles to developing useful habits and scripts to ensure your messages are clear. In a stimulating 90-minute program, you’ll gain a lifetime of insight into why communication breaks down and doesn’t provide the desired reaction or results, and you’ll learn simple, solid steps that’ll spare you from interpersonal interactions that turn into emotional battlegrounds. Some of the important teaching points:

  • Changing bad habits and acknowledging the potential consequences
  • How emotions affect communication
  • The characteristics of different communication styles (including some not-so-common ones)
  • Proven assertive communication techniques designed to help you stay calm and focused while still being able to get your point across


The 8th Habit - Stephen R. Covey

In today's challenging and complex world, being highly effective is the price of entry to the playing field. To thrive, innovate, excel, and lead in this new reality, we must reach beyond effectiveness toward fulfillment, contribution, and greatness. Research is showing, however, that the majority of people are not thriving. They are neither fulfilled nor excited. Tapping into the higher reaches of human motivation requires a new mindset, a new skill-set --a new habit. Dr. Covey's new book, The 8th Habit®: From Effectiveness to Greatness, is a roadmap to help you find daily fulfillment and excitement.


Emotional Power

Do you wish you had the power to control your emotions during tense or stressful situations?  Have you ever flared up at co-workers or family members because your emotions got the best of you?  If so, this audio program was created for you! 

Learn to turn your tirades into emotional power and handle difficult situations with ease and confidence.  Discover the skills to put you in command of your emotions, making you a calming force at the office or at home.  The proven techniques and lessons from Karen Marzo’s Emotional Power has taught thousands of business people how to deal with difficult situations and  make their emotions work for them instead of against them! 


The Assertive Way

Do you ever feel that people don’t really hear what you’re saying…they don’t respect your ideas and opinions…and they overlook your contributions? Assertiveness, not aggressiveness, is the key to getting heard, earning respect, and being recognized and rewarded for your strengths. Assertiveness is speaking up for yourself while being fair and respectful to others. It’s negotiating so everybody walks away from the table satisfied. And it’s about effective, honest, straightforward communication.


The Power of Persuasion

The power to persuade and influence others in a positive, nonconfrontational manner is a priceless skill. In this compelling series, you’ll discover how to identify and cultivate the traits that will help you communicate better and become more persuasive.

You’ll master simple, yet incredibly effective, techniques for getting others “to see things your way.” Packed with practical how-to’s, real-life techniques and step-by-step strategies, this program offers invaluable methods for persuading, negotiating and gaining favor with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Whether you’re asking for a raise, closing a critical deal, selling colleagues on a proposal or getting your children to cooperate, you’ll be amazed by your newfound persuasive power.


Communicate with Power, Diplomacy and Tact

A training course led by Dr. Robert Tracz of the Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center. Includes 6 digital audio CD's. From the back cover: "Dr. Tracz works with organizations that want to improve their communication and leadership skills so they can reduce misunderstings and negativity."


Conflict Management Skills for Women

While unmanaged conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions can harm your important working and personal relationships, effectively managed conflict can actually promote cooperation and build stronger relationships. You’ll learn how to get a handle on the feelings of anxiety and anger that can sabotage your ability to deal effectively with conflict, how to keep disagreements from getting out of hand and how to negotiate resolutions when they do. The bottom-line result is greater harmony, more enthusiasm and increased productivity.


Program Guide


CD 1 – Conflict Management Strategies That Work! (Part 1) (Run Time: 45:33)
CD 2 – Conflict Management Strategies That Work! (Part 2) (Run Time: 52:58)
CD 3 – Getting a Grip on Your Own Anger and Emotions (Run Time: 55:26)
CD 4 – How to Respond to Other People’s Anger (Run Time: 35:49)
CD 5 – Conflict Communication Skills (Run Time: 55:23)
CD 6 – Taking Care of Yourself (Cara Lane) (Run Time: 26:43)
Bonus CD – Putting Your Newfound Skills to Work for You (Dawn & Cara) (Run Time: 44:31)


Contains seven audio CDs with the printable program journal on a CD-ROM.


The Power of Purpose - The Art of Living in Excellence

The Power of Purpose will give you the tools to create magnetic goals, concentrate with laser-guided focus, reduce stress, direct energy, and create successful working relationships. You will learn practical and powerful tips, tools, and techniques to help you quickly and easily rise from where you are right now to where you wish to be. Crystal Jonas will teach you how to unlock your full potential, accomplish your goals, and move up in your profession.


How To Handle Difficult People

There's at least one in every job or business — that person whose sole purpose seems to be to make your life miserable. You don't have to fall victim to these people. Learn to deal effectively with difficult people and tough situations through the powerful, effective principles taught in this series


Leadership Best Practices

Developing your leadership style takes time. Let this fascinating, 60-minute DVD accelerate the process. From Stephen Covey and Jim Collins to Barry Posner and John Maxwell, it surveys the traits, competencies and best practices of legendary leadership thought leaders. And it distills them into a practical road map to success in your own leadership role, career and organization.

You´ll learn:

  • The best practices of leadership and how to apply them—right now
  • A look at nine top leaders in leadership and lessons that can be learned
  • Leadership types and styles—what really works
  • How to develop your own leadership best practices and style


Supervisors Success Secrets

Moving into a supervisory role has tremendous rewards. Prepare to seize them by honing your skills and shaping your style. In this 60-minute DVD, you’ll discover a set of seven proven principles, achievable traits and common characteristics that will set the stage for your supervisory success.

  • 10 keys to earning acknowledgement and acceptance
  • A five-step model for dealing with problems—and modeling patience
  • The importance of toleration—especially in times of change
  • How to be available—for your boss and employees
  • Powerful ways to demonstrate your perseverance
  • Consistency and making sure your words match your actions

Discover the qualities, characteristics and practices that will set you apart as a supervisor—one hour is all you need.


Time Management Tune-Up

For today´s time-challenged professionals, the new “normal” is having more work to do and the overwhelming sense that there’s no time to get it all done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this 60-minute DVD, you’ll learn refreshingly simple tips to help you allocate your time, overcome bad habits, make efficient time choices, embrace technology—and enjoy the wonderful extra hours you’ll gain.


Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance

More than ever, managers are being required to quickly build teams that deliver results. Yet few of them are equipped to do the important work of a coach. This easy-to-follow guide walks you through the four stages of team development and how to fulfill your changing and complicated role as a coach at each stage. Follow Rosemary Laack’s advice and your team will start performing at higher-than-ever levels—starting today!


Dealing with Difficult People

Anyone who can effectively deal with difficult people and situations enjoys a real advantage in the workplace. Next time, be prepared. In this 60-minute DVD, you’ll look at what bugs you, who you are and why you respond the way you do, how to make new changes stick and where to stand your ground along with when to walk away. Spend an hour with Dawn and you’ll know exactly what to say and do to defuse volatile situations and bring out the best in people—no matter how difficult they are


Franklin Covey Style Guide for Business and Technical Communication

Announcing the all-new fourth edition of the popular Franklin Covey Style Guide for Business and Technical Communication. Get ready to look at your writing skills in a whole new way. This book goes beyond the mere grammar and punctuation rules most books focus on alone. You’ll explore the other elements on the pages that make your communications fail or succeed.


Money Mastery

Money Mastery® will teach you to manage your money smartly, invest it wisely and take control of your entire financial structure.

  • Get out of all debt within 9 short years — including your home mortgage.
  • Save enough money for a safe, secure retirement.
  • Live within your means without sacrificing your quality of life.
  • Be more savvy about investing your money.
  • Plan for a bright future with powerful, simple-to-use software.
  • Turn your finances from fiasco to fantastic.
  • Beat the odds and come out hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of the game.

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