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The Power of Persuasion
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The power to persuade and influence others in a positive, nonconfrontational manner is a priceless skill. In this compelling series, you’ll discover how to identify and cultivate the traits that will help you communicate better and become more persuasive.

You’ll master simple, yet incredibly effective, techniques for getting others “to see things your way.” Packed with practical how-to’s, real-life techniques and step-by-step strategies, this program offers invaluable methods for persuading, negotiating and gaining favor with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Whether you’re asking for a raise, closing a critical deal, selling colleagues on a proposal or getting your children to cooperate, you’ll be amazed by your newfound persuasive power.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Get your set today and get more of what you want with the power of persuasion!

  • 9 qualities that will help you establish believability
  • Discover the power of persuasive questioning – and learn which questioning tactics to avoid
  • How to adjust your communication style by “reading” the other person
  • The 12 most powerful words in the English language
  • Negotiation strategies that will get you what you want
  • Pacing, blending and mirroring – techniques for setting others at ease
  • The most effective responses during tense situations or confrontations
  • How to break 6 negative listening habits that work against you