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Money Mastery

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Have you ever told yourself, “If I only had more money …”

The truth is, you actually have a lot more money than you think you do. Money Mastery® will teach you to manage it smartly, invest it wisely and take control of your entire financial structure.You can double — even triple — your wealth with the fascinating, simple-to-use principles you’ll discover in Money Mastery.This program is clear, effective and delivers valuable advice and planning tools that everyone can use.

Do you spend too much … save too little … and constantly worry about debt? Do you wish you were smarter about cutting-edge investment options, understood the reasons for tax laws and other financial tips and shortcuts? Are you concerned about “having enough” when retirement rolls around?

You Can Be “Rich on Any Income”
Money Mastery gives you all the tools you’ll need to be “rich on any income.” Money Mastery features four audio CDs, a Money Mastery Additional Resources Disc that includes all documentation, six Spending and Budgeting Booklets and the Master Plan Software Program, now updated to be quicker and easier to use than ever before.The program is easy to install and is incredibly user-friendly.

No matter what your current financial status, you’ll discover the secrets to creating more wealth by managing the money you have more effectively. Get on the road to financial success today!


  • Get out of all debt within 9 short years — including your home mortgage.
  • Save enough money for a safe, secure retirement.
  • Live within your means without sacrificing your quality of life.
  • Be more savvy about investing your money.
  • Plan for a bright future with powerful, simple-to-use software.
  • Turn your finances from fiasco to fantastic.
  • Beat the odds and come out hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of the game.


  • Eliminate all debt in 9 years or less!
  • Live within your means — and have fun doing it.
  • Dramatically increase your net worth!
  • Double — even triple — your retirement income.