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The Assertive Way
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In this audio program, assertiveness expert Deidre Dutcher uses real-life anecdotes, fascinating examples and thought-provoking exercises to reveal how to alter your mind-set, transform your behavior, and tailor your communication style to reflect a more confident, self-assured, assertive personality. As a result of this training, your relationships will improve, you’ll have the potential to make greater advancements in your career, and enjoy increased respect and recognition on both a personal and professional level.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Overcoming the fear factor and becoming self-assured, confident, and in control
  • How to understand and protect your “assertiveness rights”
  • 12 positive action steps toward greater assertiveness
  • How to define your communication style and let it work for you
  • How to identify subconscious behaviors that work against you
  • The five-part assertive communication model
  • How to negotiate assertively
  • How to control others’ perceptions of you