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Supervisors Success Secrets
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Moving into a supervisory role has tremendous rewards. Prepare to seize them by honing your skills and shaping your style. In this 60-minute DVD, you’ll discover a set of seven proven principles, achievable traits and common characteristics that will set the stage for your supervisory success.

  • 10 keys to earning acknowledgement and acceptance
  • A five-step model for dealing with problems—and modeling patience
  • The importance of toleration—especially in times of change
  • How to be available—for your boss and employees
  • Powerful ways to demonstrate your perseverance
  • Consistency and making sure your words match your actions

Discover the qualities, characteristics and practices that will set you apart as a supervisor—one hour is all you need.

Program Guide:

Secret #1: Create Availability
Secret #2: Ensure Accountability
Secret #3: Develop Consistency
Secret #4: Encourage Tolerance
Secret #5: Demonstrate Perseverance
Secret #6: Model Patience
Secret #7: Practice Humility

One 60-minute DVD-ROM containing viewer’s guide and assessment in PDF format.