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Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance
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More than ever, managers are being required to quickly build teams that deliver results. Yet few of them are equipped to do the important work of a coach. This easy-to-follow guide walks you through the four stages of team development and how to fulfill your changing and complicated role as a coach at each stage. Follow Rosemary Laack’s advice and your team will start performing at higher-than-ever levels—starting today!

Program Guide:

Stage 1: Forming
How to be a positive communicator: Getting people to collaborate as a team

Stage 2: Storming
Coaching in action: How to manage conflicts and prevent communication problems

Stage 3: Norming
The secrets to keeping your team on track and under control no matter what situation arises

Stage 4: Performing
Motivating under pressure—how to be powerful and persuasive and keep your team moving forward

One 60-minute DVD-ROM containing viewer’s guide and assessment in PDF format.