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Leadership Best Practices
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Developing your leadership style takes time. Let this fascinating, 60-minute DVD accelerate the process. From Stephen Covey and Jim Collins to Barry Posner and John Maxwell, it surveys the traits, competencies and best practices of legendary leadership thought leaders. And it distills them into a practical road map to success in your own leadership role, career and organization.

You´ll learn:

  • The best practices of leadership and how to apply them—right now
  • A look at nine top leaders in leadership and lessons that can be learned
  • Leadership types and styles—what really works
  • How to develop your own leadership best practices and style

Discover the best practices of the world’s great leaders and how to build your own successful leadership style around them.

Program Guide:

  • Part 1: Leaders in Leadership
  • Part 2: Four Competencies of Great Leaders
  • Part 3: The Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Part 4: Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders
  • Part 5: Developing Your Own Leadership Best Practices

One 60-minute DVD-ROM containing viewer’s guide and assessment in PDF format.