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Conflict Management Skills for Women
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While unmanaged conflicts, disagreements and out-of-control emotions can harm your important working and personal relationships, effectively managed conflict can actually promote cooperation and build stronger relationships. You’ll learn how to get a handle on the feelings of anxiety and anger that can sabotage your ability to deal effectively with conflict, how to keep disagreements from getting out of hand and how to negotiate resolutions when they do. The bottom-line result is greater harmony, more enthusiasm and increased productivity.


Program Guide


CD 1 – Conflict Management Strategies That Work! (Part 1) (Run Time: 45:33)
CD 2 – Conflict Management Strategies That Work! (Part 2) (Run Time: 52:58)
CD 3 – Getting a Grip on Your Own Anger and Emotions (Run Time: 55:26)
CD 4 – How to Respond to Other People’s Anger (Run Time: 35:49)
CD 5 – Conflict Communication Skills (Run Time: 55:23)
CD 6 – Taking Care of Yourself (Cara Lane) (Run Time: 26:43)
Bonus CD – Putting Your Newfound Skills to Work for You (Dawn & Cara) (Run Time: 44:31)


Contains seven audio CDs with the printable program journal on a CD-ROM.